Monday, May 30, 2011

M.I.A. for 6 weeks? Why yes of course! ...but for good reason, i've been in babylove with this little miss.

Kawena Huliliokawailani Miyoko Durrett
8 lbs. 2 0z

Thursday, April 7, 2011


...of the AMAZING Spiderman

Naturally our little bobo LOVES superheros. Hulk, spiderman, super goof, yada yada! Last night before bed, we put him in these cool PJ's and he magically transformed from a goofy little boy into Peter Parker in disguise. We just knew we had to document this, its too funny not to. Enjoy!

"oh no there is trouble brewing in the sky over Provo, Utah"

"no need to fear, Spiderman Kamahele to the rescue"

"soaring high above the city, the Amazing Spiderman comes to help us"

"Its the evil Dr. Octopus! Spiderman uses his web-slinging super powers to save us"

"HURRAY, thanks to our superhero the city is safe once again!"

Monday, April 4, 2011

patiently awaiting the arrival of our baby girl,
2 weeks and counting.....

tick, tock, tick, tock
(yes, im beyond anxious and slightly over being pregnant)

Big MAHALOS to my wonderfully talented sister and brother in law for taking my maternity pictures. Check out their site here :

Friday, March 25, 2011

keep reading

.....since we are stuck inside, thanks to this inclement weather, its time to round up all the pictures and updates thus 3 new post. So keep on reading and enjoy!

pt. 2

I decided to do a sunny days part 2...why? Well can't you see that when its sunny here we our happy cause we get to play outside! Whoo- hoo

In kahi's words "i wasn't ment to live in the cold"

When its sunny we love to....

1) Ride bike....

2) Take pictures of ourselves....haha jk
(about 33 weeks along)

3) Fix/tinker with cars.....

4) Enjoy the sun shinning on our faces.....

5) Find leaves in the yard.....

Italic....and last of all take a drive

Can't wait to be outside in the sun again. Snow, snow go away!!

Sunny Days

.....are rare and few for us, but when the sun does decide to make its appearance we like to do things like this.
Sidenote: im writing this post while outside is getting dumped with snow :(

1)The beloved baseball

2) Three, two, one, hut, hut.......(Papa Clark would be so proud)

3) Practicing his catch (ENLARGE this photo)

classic Kamahele face when he catches the ball, hillarious huh!

4) Sliding down slides

5) ....and of course jogging around the park with dad

Conclusion: YES!! sunny days = great days

Thumbs UP to that

Good Sunday

Okay so i completely failed my goal of doing weekly updates so to make up for lost time i'll do a few post.

So i love this picture because i think my son and I look so much alike. I always get told that he looks like his daddy, but at times i do see me in him.....wouldn't you agree?

Kamahele and I having a good sunday.....have a wonderful weekend